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“National Greens of Arkansas” Pet Turf and Fake Grass for For Dogs Installation Gallery

National Greens of Arkansas loves animals and we know that you love your pets too. Unfortunately, they can destroy your lawn and can cause damages that can be expensive and time-consuming to repair. Pet waste and chemical imbalances cause grass death and bald spots. Dogs will dig holes and wear paths into natural grass play areas.

Synthetic grass for your pets can also greatly help in keeping your Arkansas home or business clean and dirt-free. Our furry friends often unknowingly bring mud and dirt in with them when they return from outside. Because artificial grass is installed on a base of stone, not soil, and does not hold water so there is nothing created or transferred to track in. Synthetic pet grass is perforated and highly drainable. This helps to prevent the build-up of pet waste materials. The artificial pet grass will continue to look great long after being installed, you’ll never have to worry about patching bald spots and resodding the pet areas of your lawn. The turf is soft and comfortable and your pets will love relaxing and playing while never seeing a single pest or insect.

You won’t have to deal with lawn repairs. So artificial grass saves you a great deal of time and money in the long run once you have it installed. Artificial pet grass looks great and will improve the appearance of your pet yards.

Artificial turf offers a great place for your pets to play. National Greens of Arkansas can customize your pet turf installation to the specific part of your yard that you want, whether it is a specific pet play area or an entire yard. To learn more about the benefits of artificial grass for your pets, contact National Greens of Arkansas today.