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Used Turf in Arkansas: How much does it cost and how to find it?

Used turf has very few benefits. Used turf is being sold for very cheap and in some cases given away for free. The reality of this phenomenon is companies that specialize in the large commercial field installation business are trying to find the most cost effective way to dispose of the turf that they are replacing. Uninformed owners of smaller fields jump on the opportunity because .50 cents a square foot sounds too good to be true. Aside from the hash marks or ten yard lines that have no relevance for the new owner, the real problem is the weight. Rolls often weigh 3,000 lbs. This is impossible to install properly , We get multiple phone calls per year with customers asking us to give them a quote to install used turf. The answer varies but often the price is much higher than the cost of new turf with installation included. If you have a concrete surface or wish to tackle the installation of used turf, we have multiple suppliers. It’s important you know what you are getting into.

The Arkansas women’s soccer team is one of the most established programs in the Southeastern Conference, competing since 1986. It is also one of the most successful. The Razorbacks won two consecutive SEC championships in 2019 and 2020. The program is only getting stronger and drawing more interest from both adults and children.

National Greens is hastening the soccer culture in Arkansas by installing synthetic turf surfaces throughout the state. Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance and thus a lot of down time for playing surfaces. Our artificial turf athletic fields are designed to withstand the heavy usage with minimal maintenance. That means more time for athletes to perfect their crafts and for sporting events to take place.

National Greens designs and installs synthetic turf fields for soccer, baseball, softball, rugby, football and all other sports. We customize playing surfaces with your logos, team names, yard markers and whatever else you may want.