Check Out this 20,000 sq Synthetic Grass Transformation at Holy Souls Church in Little Rock, AR

A few commercial synthetic grass playground customers satisfied with “National Greens of Arkansas”

“Anthony School”
7700 Ohio St.
Little Rock, AR 72227
Google map location:

Scope of Work:

    1. Mini soccer field with Anthony School Logo cut in center. Soccer field is approximately 10,000 Square Feet.
    2. Playground synthetic turf with protective foam pad underneath for 9 foot fall height protection.
    3. Kindergarten playground area with 6 foot fall height protection pad under short pile “Play Safe” turf.
“Holy Souls School”
1001 N Tyler St.
Little Rock, AR 72205
Google map location: 

Scope of Work:

  1. Artificial turf for Playgrounds turf and 2.25 inch pad protective foam pad underlayment for concussion prevention up to a 9 foot fall.
  2. Synthetic grass used for islands in parking lots.
  3. Installation of approximately 20,000 Square feet of “Play Turf” to eliminate mud, maintenance, and pests.
  4. This area is covered with synthetic turf for children under 8 years of age. Playground surfacing has a 6 foot fall height protection foam pad.
  1. “Forest Park Elementary School”
    1600 N Tyler St.
    Little Rock, AR 72207
    Google map location: 

  1. “Noah’s Ark Childcare”
    Project Type: Synthetic Playground Grass
    Location: Stuttgart, AR.

  1. “Lil Treasures Daycare”
    Project Type: Synthetic Playground Grass
    Location: Sherwood, AR


    Playground Turf Gallery

    Arkansas kids love the outdoors. Many go hunting before age 10 and camping before age 8. The preschool and kindergarten years are spent on playgrounds with their peers roughhousing, climbing and spinning on the merry-go-round.

    National Greens teams with Arkansas school systems, parks and homeowners to design and produce synthetic turf playgrounds to their specifications. Natural grass not only exposes children to pesticides and poison ivy, but also requires constant, expensive upkeep. Synthetic turf playgrounds are built to last and designed to handle heavy traffic. The blades look and feel like natural grass without all the hassles.

    Installations are available for existing playgrounds. National Greens also designs and builds new artificial turf playgrounds. Contact us today to learn about your options.